Good Guitar For Phat Cat Pickups

If you have been living under a rock then you won’t know about the Phat cat P90 pickups. However, most of the guitar world are aware of these incredible guitar pickups.

Many guitarists however still ask the question about these pickups regarding which guitars are the best to take these Seymour Duncan P90’s in humbucker size.

The truth of the matter is that these pickups will fit in any humbucker sized cavity so if you guitar already has humbuckers then this pickup is a contender for your guitar. With that being said, there are a few guitars out there that make for a great match with these pickups.

Let us discuss some of these guitar that suit that Phat cat P90 pickups..

1) Epiphone Les Pauls and/or Les Paul Copies

The epiphone les paul is a fantastic guitar to chuck these pickups in. The stock pickups that come witht e epiphone’s are pretty decent humbuckers but they are not the best. By taking these P90 humbguckers and replacing them with the original stock pikcups, you can take your guitar from mediocre sounding to one that can compete with real Gibson’s

2) The Fender BlackTop Series

These are a great guitar for P90 pickups as they originally come with humbuckers which I don’t necessarily believe suit the Fender sound particularly well. By putting in these Phat cats you can change the sound of the blacktop Fenders from a humbucker sound to somewhere between a humbucker and a single coil. It is like having the best of both pickups in one pickup. The great thing about eh Black top series is that they come in many different Fender shapes and models. Some of these Black top models include:

  • Stratocaster Blacktop
  • Blacktop Tele
  • Jazzmaster Blacktop

The P90 phat cats made by Duncan will suit all these guitars immensely and will alter the sound in the best way possible.

3) Epiphone Les Paul Junior

Now these guitars by Originally by Gibson came with a stock P90 pickup however the cheaper Epiphone version (the entry model) comes with a humbucker. By replacing the humbucker with a P90 phat cat, you’ll get a sound closer to the original Les Paul junior for much less of the price. What a great upgrade and modification this is for the les paul junior.

4) Project and DIY Guitars

If you are making a guitar from a DIY kit or if you are making special modifications to existing guitars and are not sure of which pickup to put in? This pickup is a great option for any project guitar because as we mentioned above, the P90’s achieve a sound that is in between a humbucker and a single coil so it is a very versatile pickup and makes for a great sound in pretty much any single guitar you decide to put it into.

These pickups were a great addition to my DIY project build which you can see a picture of below. The sound of this pickup is definitely one of my favourite and responds exceptionally well to most amplifiers and pedals. However I would not recomend these for those looking to play music on the higher gain end of the spectrum.